Age is Not a Skin Type

Group of Women of all AgesShould you buy a skincare routine or products based on your age? Absolutely not. This is why we need to stop talking age as a skin type! You can buy effective skin care at any age, but the age part has nothing to do with what products you buy because age is not a skin type.
The truth in beauty is that someone at 50 or 60 can have the same skin type as someone in their 20s. Heredity, skin disorders (like acne and rosacea, oily skin, dry skin etc), lifestyle choices (smoking, eating healthy), how much sun damage someone has accumulated (if you’ve been using tanning beds or getting tan every summer you can have premature aged skin in your 20s), and how someone takes care of their skin in general (harsh products, too much fragranced products) all adds up to your skin type.

I’m a classic example, at 65, beauty industry standards would sell me creams and lotions all based on anti-aging but I still struggle with oily skin, clogged pores, and occasional breakout plus signs of aging but creams and lotions just make my skin worse.

The trick is choosing products that target your skin type and concerns regardless of your age.

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