About Paula

Paula Begoun sitting on couchI’ve had a love-hate relationship with the cosmetics industry from the very beginning. It started with an intense curiosity and passion for skin care and makeup when I was a teenager. My passion wasn’t because I was fixated on buying cosmetics for fun; rather, it was about trying to take care of my problem skin that progressively got worse and worse no matter what I used or what expert I consulted. It was an emotional ordeal for me and, to this day, it is still painful for me to remember the stress and embarrassment of dealing with the unsightly skin problems I suffered through as a teen.

At the age of 11, it started with terrible acne and super-oily skin along with debilitating eczema over 60% of my body (in school I had to wear gloves to hold a pencil because my hands were so raw and sore from my incessant scratching of the eczema-caused itching).

All I wanted at the time were effective products that would do as they claimed. This didn’t seem like too much to ask, right? Given how many times I was told month after month, year after year, how different products would end my struggle, surely something would work. However, over the next 20 years, no matter where I turned, whether to cosmetics counters, drugstores, spas, or even doctors’ offices, almost every product I tried led to disappointment. Despite the promises and claims, my skin rarely showed any signs of improvement, and it gradually just got worse! I felt helpless! I was in a frustrating cycle of trying to find products that worked—every time it led to disappointment, and continued suffering. Yet, like most women, that didn’t stop me from trying again and again.

Finally, in my twenties, I came to the realization that most skin care claims were either seriously misleading, just plain wrong, or, at best, delusional. I was determined to find out the truth about skin and skin care—it became a compulsion, eventually leading me to take my first steps into a career in the world of cosmetics.

It was by no means a straight path, and I had no idea that it would lead me to where I am today; I only knew I was on a personal pursuit, which eventually became a global mission, and I have never wavered from that mission through out all the years I’ve been doing this. I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through ever again. In looking over my evolving career, I believe I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do. But I’m not quitting! There’s still a lot of work and research yet to be done and this blog continues my lifelong work.