A Face-Lift for the Cosmetics Cop

Not a face-lift for me (though I will be writing about that soon!) but a revamp and major update of the articles on this site. I’ll be writing new articles too! Over the past several years, all my time, attention, and efforts have been involved with Paula’s Choice Skincare. I’ve been formulating products (I truly love creating new formulas), traveling the world meeting women and beauty editors in over 30 countries (an amazing part of my life), and writing reviews for Beautypedia.com. For all those reasons I haven’t had the time to keep CosmeticsCop.com updated but that is changing.

I am now committed to spending more time being the Cosmetics Cop and I’ll be making long overdue updates to this site. As you browse through the articles, look for “Updated 2019” or “NEW” and you’ll know that you’re looking at the most current research and information available. This site (and my work for over 35 years) has always been about keeping you informed in ways the rest of the beauty industry can’t. Hopefully I can make the world of beauty easier, more effective and less confusing for you while helping you feel confident and love the way you look!

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