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Q&A with Paula: Career Advice, Entrepreneurship and What She’s Looking Forward To

*   What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done!
Don’t go in debt, it is the #1 killer of small businesses.
Being a struggling entrepreneur is better than worrying if your job is secure in a company you don’t own (this one helped me go through so many ups and downs working through the hard times of creating my company).
Don’t worry about leading a “balanced life”, it’s not possible (life can never be in balance, all you can do is to try and wisely choose priorities).

*   How would you describe your job as an entrepreneur?
Over the years it’s changed quite a bit from running every aspect of my company to what I do now. I knew I was successful when I had the right team around me to handle the “business” so I could just formulate skincare products, research medical and science journals about skin physiology and skincare ingredients, and write about beauty. I also get to travel the world meeting women and beauty editors to talk about beauty myths and Paula’s Choice Skincare! I LOVE my job. Continue Reading

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Parabens: Are They Really a Problem?

Whether it is a cleanser, lotion, toner, blush, foundation, or mascara, without preservatives like parabens these everyday items would become overloaded with bacteria, mold, and fungus, making them harmful to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Good to know: parabens aren’t the enemy! Continue Reading